A family of Architects and engineers collaborated in order to create some hybrid "Lithos" magic.

A complex of two buildings with astonishing view of the Messinian bay.

Pools where essential for the project so nothing is missing.

Nikos, Katerina, Giorgos and Fani created something unique and special on Verga area

A young couple in 1922 forced to leave their house in Smyrni and came to Kalamata for starting over. 100 years after, their great grandchildren demolished the old refugee house to build a new one and create a family. Demolishing the old refugee house was hard to watch, but 12 months later everyone will be proud for their choise

From Sweden to Greece with love

Working in Sweden might be nice, but when you choose a place to live your life you go to Mani.

Two houses that can be transformed to 4 separare apartments. So business and pleasure...

George and Mayra thank you for your trust

Sea front - Traditional village - Existing building

There is a very thin line when trying to design with so many moral and law restrictions.

We managed to fulfill the clients requests by creating a modern building using the environments colour palettes and materials.


Who said that a fruit and veggie retail store should be boring.

Sia and Ilias trusted us with their dream. To create a well designed quaility space that could work for retail and wholesale 

The clients own two kiosks for 20 years. Creating a third wasn't enough.

We had to design a kiosk like no other.

When clients experience and architecture knowledge meet, only evolution can become.

Meet the new KIOSK

Renovating is always a challenge. You never know what to expect.

This particular project was completed on May 2015 after 3 months of construction job.

It was originally constructed in 1991.

It is located on a quιet neighborhood of Kalamata 70 meters from the west beach of the city.

This building is located on an elevated area of Kalamata just 7 minutes from the city beach.

This building was originally constructed 150 years ago and used to operate as to produce olive oil.

After the present owners baught the place in 1999 assigned to our office the complete reconstruction of the building in order to be fully operational and safe to live in.

The construction period was 8 months and we used the original stones of the building.

This project is a 3 storey 280 m2 residence located in Kalamata.

The building is developed in a small area of land that is why we constructed a "green" roof in order to create the illusion of outdoor accessibility.

The building is very close to the beach that is why the living room is developed on the top two floors in order to have sea view freely.

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